The 7 rappels of Chipitin

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This incredible canyon is recognized by the seven descents in rappel through its amazing rock formations and waterfalls with heights from 15 to 50 meters and different technical degrees. Its route also includes three jumps to the crystalline water, a natural slide and culminates in the wonderful waterfall of Chipitín, considered by us as the paradise of Nuevo León.

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Recommendations and indications:
Attitude is what counts!
Be of legal age or have an authorization signed by the parents (recommended minimum age of 14 years old)
Comment if you have previously suffered with injuries to the knees, ankles, spine, shoulders and / or head.
Any medical condition must be informed before the reservation (allergies, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, hypertension, pregnant women, etc).
Bring a change of dry clothes that will be protected in a van. No towel is necessary.
Recommended shoes: trails tennis shoes or in good condition, for running, trekking or exercising. Avoid smooth sole, e.g. Converse, Crocs, water shoes, Vans, Fivefingers, etc.
Recommended clothes: synthetic fabrics such as dry-fit, swimsuit or lycra. Recommended long sleeve leg and arm.
Valuables are safeguarded in a locked van.
Do not show up sleepless or hungover.
It is recommended to take a GoPro camera or waterproof camera with a floatie.

Cancelation policy

Cancelations are not accepted.

If the cancelation occurs due to weather conditions, the experience maybe rescheduled or, if it not possible, there will be a refund.

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$75 USD

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The activity will take all day. The start time is at 5:00 a.m. at the meeting point (Santiago, N.L.); from there there is a two-hour transfer to reach Potrero Redondo, where the trail starts, which includes hiking, rappelling, jumping to the water, natural slides, swimming, among others. The tentative time is 7:00 p.m.

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