The 3 best hikes in Monterrey

The 3 best hikes in Monterrey

Monterrey is known as The city of the mountains, we’re sorrounded by them in every part of the big city, they’re all very different, with high trees, animals, and some of them rocky with little or no vegetation, but it’s definitely the best excuse to get away from the city and breathe in some fresh […]

Do you know where chocolate comes from?

Do you know where chocolate comes from?

Who doesn’t like chocolate? I know there are people who love it and others that just like it but I don’t think I have ever met someone that doesn’t enjoy chocolate, it could be on a cake, a chocolate bar, chocolate syrup or chocolate flavored whatever you want, but we can all agree that it’s […]

5 reasons to visit Chile

5 reasons to visit Chile

Chile has so much to offer, a big country, with a vibrant capital, beautiful beaches, art and amazing nature and landscapes, but what are the main reasons to go? 1.- The wine Chilean wine is amazing, some of its vines are part of the finest winemakers in the world, for example Concha y Toro, the […]


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