The 3 best hikes in Monterrey

Monterrey is known as The city of the mountains, we’re sorrounded by them in every part of the big city, they’re all very different, with high trees, animals, and some of them rocky with little or no vegetation, but it’s definitely the best excuse to get away from the city and breathe in some fresh air or just to have more contact with nature, but you have to know the routes and which places are most beautiful, challenging or recommended, depending on your experience and fitness level.

1.- La ¨M¨
Yes, the letter M, the shape of the mountain is what gives it its name, this hike is 2,200 meters above the sea level, and there two different ways, that I know of, to get there. You can get there through Chipinque or through Olinalá. The views here are outstanding, a lot of people get to see the sunrise or the sunset and it’s an unforgetable experience, in order to do this you must get a permit to access the mountain at certain hours. for example before 5:30 a.m.

2.- Cueva de la virgen
This cave is located in the Ecological Park of La Huasteca, the cave is almost at the main entrance of the park, you can park as close as you wish and the hike is short, about 3 kms, but it’s very rocky, so specially for this adventure I advise you to bring proper shoes so you don’t slip, fall or injure yourself in any way, since this is a cave, you’ll see some birds and bats inside it, but it’s very impressive to look out to the other side.

3.- Cerro de la Silla
The most famous mountain in Monterrey that resembles a saddle has three different routes to get to the top, or different tops I guess, the most difficult one is the Pico Sur route, definitely not for beginneers, or for people who are afraid of heights and it is mandatory to wear a helmet, you’ll see impressive views of the city and will have a hard time getting to the top, 1,820 above the sea level.

Whichever hike you choose make sure to take pictures!



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