3 delicious mexican snacks to cherish forever

There is something very unique and special about the chucherías (snacks) we have in Mexico, everyone’s eyes light up when they hear esquite, tostilocos or raspado, I’ll explain what they are later on, but one thing is for sure, you can’t leave this country without trying at least one of the mexican snacks.

1.- Papas locas
¨crazy chips¨, and I wrote chips because you can choose from different ones and even mix them up, the crazy part is different in every part of the country, but my favorite ones and the most popular ones, have chopped tomato, cucumber and jicama, japanese peanuts, chamoy, squezeed lime, salsa, rielito or golos which are tamarind candy, tajín and some of them also have clamato juice and other chili candies, this is the one of my all time favorites, brb my mouth is watering.

2.- Esquites
Also known as elote en vaso (corn in a cup) in some regions of Mexico, also one of the most famous mexican snacks, super simple yet so delicious and satisfying, the toppings include mayo, cream, different types of cheese, salsa, chamoy, squezeed lime, tajín, chili powder and in some places you can even add ruffles or your preffered chips, i love esquites usually when it’s cold out because it warms you up in the best way!

3.- Mango preparado
Prepared mango in english is one of the most fresh and healthiest snacks we have, you can usually find them on the beach, or during summer time on the streets, you can add salt, lime, chili powder, tajín, chamoy, salsa, peanuts or tamarind candy as well. Delicious, fresh fruit topped off with some magic to highlight the flavor of this great gift from mother earth!

Source: Placer al plato

Whether you’re more into junk food or a healthier snack, you have options, that’s what we always have in Mexico, healthier doesn’t mean less yummy, it’s just a matter of taste, be sure to try at least one of these and enjoy!

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