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Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs, and a lot other more of civilizations happened in Mexico, before and during the Spanish Conquest, but one of the most known culture was the Aztec empire, in fact the Aztecs were in charge of everything when the Spaniards arrive.

The aztec empire aka tenochca or mexica, they were the acclaimed founders of Tenochtitlán, its greatest conquest period was between 1325 AD and 1521 AD, and they developed its own measuring system, besides they were really into culture, astronomy and arquitecture, you can see in their pyramids.

Tlatoani was the name they gave the maximum authority in the empire, he ruled Tenochtitlán which was around an altar, they were very religious, specifically polytheists, and made sacrifices for its Gods, one of the most acclaimed Gods was Quetzalcóatl, the widely known feathered serpent.

They were also great astronomers, they observed the moon, the sun and Venus which helped them with agriculture, they even created their own calendar and built observatories to have better precision of their predictions, they could predict lunar and solar eclipses as well as shooting stars.

The best places in Mexico City to see and learn more about the Aztecs is in Teotihuacán and El Templo Mayor which was Tenochtitlán, Mexico City was built above the temple. Book your experience in nenemi.com

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