Celebrate the National Day of Tequila!

The first National Day of Tequila! You heard that right! And believe me we’re as excited as you! This next march 16th, Tequila, Jalisco (obvs!) will have the honor to host all the events to celebrate this national distilled beverage, and from now on the third saturday of march we will religiously celebrate the National Day of Tequila!

The Tequila Cocktail Week it’s a week full of activities where the main character is obviously tequila, accompanied by mixology that will taste like Mexico, all of them prepared with the star of the night. From the 11th until march 13th, various tequila producers will happily open their doors so tourists and visitors can learn first-hand about the process of making the national drink.

The best and most creative mixology drinks will receive a prize, so if you still haven’t visited this amazing place this is your chance! You can also enjoy our Tequila Route!

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