5 day experience in Mexico City!

One of the best things happened when one of my canadian friends I met while in exchange, Clara, decided to visit Mexico, she told me she wanted to go to Oaxaca, Mexico City or a beach but she only had 5 days, that’s when I told her that all of those places were worth their while but I prefered going for 5 days to one place, and that place was Mexico City, one of my three favorite cities in the world and where I lived for some time, she was happy to follow along and next thing you know, we had our flights and hotel booked.

We wanted something easy to help us move in this giant city, that’s why we thought that the 5 day experience in Felix Boutique was the best way to go, and indeed it was. The first day was a free day so, we went to Lalo on Roma neighborhood to have a delicious breakfast, walked around and went to the Castillo de Chapultepec, an amazing castle with so much history of the country, beautiful gardens and great views of the city.

We got to visit the City centre, its most important churches, the Tenochtitlan ruins, the Zocalo main square and the National Palace and finally we went to the Anthropology Museum which is one of the most famous and important in the country.

On the next day, we went to the south of the city, which I love but rarely go, actually it was my second time here and my favorite one too! We visited Coyoacan, such a mexican and cultural neighborhood, full of life, good food and polite people. We moved on to La Casa Azul, this is where the world renowned artist Frida Kahlo lived, it is such an amazing feeling visiting her home with all of her paintings, pictures, furniture and just share a space where she used to live is something you only feel there. We then went to Xochimilco, rode the boat called trajinera, the trajineras have different mexican names and are decorated with flowers flowers and colorful hand painted woods, during the ride you can see other trajineras with people, others offer you food, other sing beautiful mariachi songs and you’ll get to see the gardens of how people lived before.

Everything was special about the fourth day, we went to the Teotihuacan pyramids, the pyramid of the sun and the moon were breathtaking, while we learned about the history of the Mesoamerican civilization, the aztec culture and everything about its empire, after that we went to a unique mezcal distillery, we learned everything there is to know about mezcal, we tasted 3 artisanal mezcal and had a pre-hispanic dish, something extremely special, the food, the drinks, the place and the people.

Lastly, but not least we continued our last day visiting some art galleries in Roma and Condesa, having amazing food and enjoying the vibe on this part of the city, you have got to come here! Click here to book this experience, or click here to see the other great experiences nenemi offers you in Mexico City!

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