One of our best experiences: The Tequila Route

Yes! We’ve talked about Tequila before but not like this, taking the Tequila Route is something very special to do when you’re in Guadalajara, and obviously when you’re planning to go to the magic town of Tequila, where you will discover this internationally famous drink.

During the Tequila Route you’ll visit a traditional distillery, it may be José Cuervo, Casa Herradura or Casa Sauza, where they will explain the tequila process, you’ll see the blue agave fields, we’ll have a thorough tour of the distillery to finish it tequila tasting.

I’ve personally found that when you know the process of what you’re eating or drinking in this case, you can connect better with it, smell the place where it comes from and just appreciate it and enjoy it better, or in a different way.

We will also visit the incredible Agaveros Fields, which is a Natural Patrimony of Humanity and you’ll be able to take tons of instagram worthy pictures, talking about pictures, we will also visit the giant tequila barrels which are the og of pictures in Tequila.

Something you can’t miss in your visit is the actual town of Tequila, where you can find the main plaza, cobblestone streets, art galleries and artisan boutiques, in my opinion, the best eye candy and where you can find the best souvenirs. Finish the tour with a dinner in an underground restaurant, what a day!

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