The Mexican Revolution, our celebration of November

We’ve been through September celebrating the Independence of Mexico, November 2nd honoring our loved ones with the Day of the Dead, and now we celebrate La Revolución Mexicana (Mexican Revolution aka the Mexican Civil War), the Revolution began in 1910 and ended and 1920, it totally transformed Mexican culture and politics.

The outbreak of the Revolution was an opposition to the 35 year long regime of the president Porfirio Díaz, when Francisco I. Madero challenged Porfirio in the elections and as a result of the rigged elections, Francisco I. Madero started the revolution with the Plan of San Luis Potosí. It was not until the armed conflict that Porfirio Díaz was expelled from power and a new election was made the following year, bringing Francisco to the presidency.

Obviously a lot more happened during those 10 years, literally a war but that was just the beginning of it but the most important outcomes that we still have until today were the reduction of working days of maximum 8 hours, one resting day a week, the right of having strike and the most important, having a democracy as our permanent form of government.

The Revolution is celebrated on November 20th, and it’s a really big day in our country, it’s a holiday, we eat tamales, and there’s a big parade honoring our flag, heroes that participated in the Revolution, sports, dancing and music. Be sure not to miss it!

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