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Layla’s first time in Mexico!

 We have some amazing news for all of you nenemi readers! We had a very special visit on the day of the dead in Mexico, Layla joined us for three days full of surprises! I’ll be sure to tell you every detail of the trip but for now, I’ll be telling you about the great experience we had at the vineyard Toyan.

The trip started in San Miguel de Allende the same day she landed in Mexico City’s airport, we went to this beautiful vineyard that was just 10 minutes away from the centre of the city, the greatest thing about this is that you were surrounded of beautiful trees with fruits, fields and vineyards that produce organic wine.

As soon as we walked in Layla was amazed at the beautiful trees and each one of them had a face of a dwarf that later they explained the meaning it had, I can’t tell you the secret unless you experience it yourself!

We were received in the kitchen next to the large cellar, where they were all ready preparing the food (anticipation at its finest). During the meal they told us a bit about the history of the winery and also gave us an explanation of the different types of basically everything they grow in their orchards. And the best part, the food they prepared for us was made with ingredients from their own orchard and we also enjoyed a delicious tasting of different wines they produce.

We continued the tour with a walk through the beautiful vineyards, which ended in the visit to the spectacular and unique cave that’s 14 meters underground, you read that right, 14 meters! The owners themselves were the guides of this thorough tour. We had a final wine tasting with delicious gourmet cheeses and cold cuts, we were a little drunk at this point but everything was beyond incredible!

Although it was a beautiful vineyard what made the visit extremely special was its hosts, always accompanying us, explaining every detail and making us feel like at home even though it was our first time there, it was very pleasantly unexpected.

If you’re into unique experiences when you travel, check these ones out and we made it easier for you, you can go through them by city!

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