The festival of the Calaca

Another celebration on the Day of the dead! The festival of the Calaca, this amazing festival takes place on San Miguel de Allende, and it’s an experience you must live at least once in your life, and if you’re into festivals, believe me, more than one!

The festival starts on Friday November 2nd and lasts three days, it finishes on Sunday November 4th, you’ll get to enjoy music, rituals, Altars, Art, there will be a market where you can buy lots of goodies. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to the weekend there will also be two pre parties, on the first one, on October 31st you’ll have to wear a costume to the Saints and Sinners party, that will take place on Quince Rooftop and you’ll probably have to buy your ticket in advance, they will give out a gift card to the best costume so be prepared!

On November 1st there will be an event called Dead Talks, you’ll get to experience artists talking about life and death, there will also be music, dancing and culture.

But the real deal is on weekend, starting Friday! The Opening Party for Festival La Calaca will be at Burger Night, at Sollano 16. There will be great food, drinks and a DJ. The next two days you will enjoy a pool party, full of live music, djs, drinks and a lot of dancing. You can’t miss this celebration all about The Day of the Dead!

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