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4 ghost towns to visit in Mexico


The day of the dead encourages us to visit some spooky places either before or after the holiday, since the celebration is about the dead of our loved ones, if you’re into haunted houses, places or just like feeling scared keep reading to know the 5 ghost towns in Mexico you must visit!

1.- Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí
This town was known because of its minery, was abandoned and only big houses, churches and spooky mines remained. Real de Catorce is in the middle of the desert, so you can imagine the creepy tours at night in the cemetery.

2.- Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato
This was too a town famous for its minery but when the mine was no longer profitable the town was abandoned, legends say that a lot of miners were trapped inside the mines while the town was flooded and many of them died inside them and are still there, you can take one of the night tours they offer but be careful as you might find one of the miners there.

3.- Guerrero Viejo, Tamaulipas
This town was also flooded by the Falcon dam and was left abandoned in 1953, this flood was so bad that the town was underwater for almost 50 years, as of right now you can visit it when the water level allows it. Be careful not to take even a small rock from Guerrero Viejo, as the ghosts will haunt you until you return it.

4.- Real del Monte, Hidalgo
This places has two of the creepiest elements that there can be, clowns and cemeteries. Richard Bell, a known clown from the last century was burried in the English Cemetery located in the same town, it’s been said that the cemetery is one of the creepiest ever.

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