What to eat in Mexico

Mexican cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the world! Well, at least that’s what I found out, I googled it and in every list I checked, Mexico was in one of them, ranking at number 10, 8, 5 or 2, but for sure you could find it. To be honest, it was not really surprising to know this, Mexican food has always been in my top 5 list but I always thought I loved it as much because I’m mexican and I grew up eating every delicious dish you can find here, although I know how it is for foreigners and tourists, you hear a bunch of great food you’ve never seen before so it’s a little daring to try it, btw you can’t miss our basic guide for Mexico City, or sometimes it can be disappointing if you don’t go to the right places. Guys, I’m here to guide you in what to eat when you get to this beautiful country, because the options are endless!

1.- Chile en nogada

First of all I know that for a tourist it might be a little weird to actually think about eating a bigchile, but you won’t believe the mix of flavors of this dish, it’s just amazing! The chile is roasted, filled with ground beef with fruit, covered in the nogada sauce which is almond base and topped with cilantro and pomegranate! The colors resemble the mexican flag and it’s mostly served during the month of september, in which we celebrate our independence.

2.- Tacos

Obviously tacos! But we have so many of them, we have egg tacos, tacos de carne asada, tacos de trompo, tacos de tuétano, and a bunch of mixes, but you HAVE to try: the taco de carne asada, this has different names depending on what part of the country you are, you can also find it as suadero or rib eye at restaurants. I also recommend trompo or al pastor, the meat is pig and be sure they serve them with pineapple, cilantro, onion and of course salsa! Tip: one way to know if the taco is al pastor it must have a kind of fake red color, not raw red color. And if you’re more into adventure i highly advise you to try something different like taco de cabeza (head of the cow), taco de cachete (cheek of the cow) or my personal favorite taco de lengua (tongue of the cow)!

3.- Seafood tostada

Tostadas are like a hard tortilla, and the best way to eat them is white a mix of seafood prepared the mexican way, they usually come in ceviche with cucumber, onion, tomato, shrimp, lime, salt, pepper, fish or octopus. But if you’re not a fan of raw seafood you can always order the shrimps or the octopus cooked, don’t forget to add some guac and lime!

4.- Conchas

Now moving on to desserts, conchas are a mexican must. This round bread comes in different flavors, with filling or no filling, two flavors in one, etc. it all depends where you go, make sure you buy them in the morning or if get them at a restaurant just check if they look warm and moist.

5.- Chilaquiles or enchiladas

Of course you can try both of them if you want and have the time, but let’s be real, unless you’re eating out everyday our you’re here for two weeks you won’t be able to try everything. Chilaquiles are fried or baked tortillas with a salsa, green or red are the most popular, and you can choose your favorite toppings: avocado, eggs, chicken, grasshoppers, tomato, cilantro, onion, cheese, beans, etc. And enchiladas are rolled tortillas usually filled with chicken, with salsa on

 top, cream, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Be sure you don’t miss any of these foods when you visit, also check out where to brunch in Mexico City and are you a real foodie? Read about our visit to the 13th best restaurant in the world.

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