Wine not?

It’s wine o’clock! And in Mexico we do too have beautiful vineyards and a huge selection of wine, there are different areas in Mexico where is wine produced but the most popular one and my favorite, therefore the one I recommend the most is Valle de Guadalupe, which is located in the northwestern part of the country, very close to the border with California, U.S., if you want to read all about it just scroll down!


The Guadalupe Valley is in the state of Baja California and just 103 km from Tijuana, this place is home to the most important wineries in Mexico such as L.A. Cetto, Domecq, Monte Xanic and also boutique wineries like Vinisterra, Vena Cava and Alximia, one of the pros of visiting this valley is that the tours are much more personalized than in California because they’re less crowded and sometimes you’ll even get to meet one of the owners. If you’re looking where to stay there are so many different places to choose from, boutique hotels, airbnbs, hotels that are haciendas, etc. I recommend: Adobe Guadalupe and Encuentro Guadalupe and for food Finca Altozano and Deckman’s at Mogor. I also advise you to go in August, during the Grape Harvest Fiestas where you can find regional cuisine, wine tasting events and concerts, you can’t miss this jewel in the state of Baja California!

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