Do you want a happier life?

Did you know that spending your money on travel makes you happier than spending it on material objects? Well, according to a study from Cornell University when you buy a material object it brings you happiness when you buy it, of course but as time goes by you’ll get used to seeing it and it won’t make you as happy as it did when you first got it, whereas traveling will always be experiences in your life and you’ll look back and be happy about it, or seeing the pictures once you get back or even years after the trip.

This doesn’t mean you haveto travel every weekend (We all wish we could though!) this also applies to any experience you live, like going to a restaurant and ordering food that you love, going to a museum, doing a day trip, going to a beer or wine tasting or even taking a bike ride! Those are all not so expensive and everyday activities that can make you feel happy.

So, don’t worry you don’t have to go bankrupt travelling every week, but now you know in what you should invest more! If you don’t know where to go check our most popular cities or experiences and get inspired choosing your next destination!

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